RESBEAT Rewards are better than all other hotel rewards programs.

Here’s why: Every time you make a reservation through RESBEAT, you earn RESBEAT Rewards. We allow members to use their RESBEAT Rewards on the brands and products they want. Simple!

How RESBEAT Rewards Works


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For every dollar you spend, you earn RESBEAT Rewards

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How our Rewards Beat The Competition

Typical hotel rewards programs only allow members to earn and spend within their brand and affiliated partners



The freedom to book at a Hilton and redeem rewards at a Marriott. RESBEAT Rewards allow bookings at over 600,000+ global hotels

The Best Deals

Not stressing about brands and simply searching for the best deals. Members redeem their points through a virtual Visa gift card, so they can purchase the products and brands they prefer!

Rewards on Anything

The ability to spend your rewards on anything, even outside of the travel industry. Through RESBEAT Rewards, buy items & experiences at 500+ retailers

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